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The company has a well structured and implemented quality management system with strong customer focus. All operations in the company are performed with strict compliance to the quality requirements of customer. The quality management system of the company complies with the requirement of ISO 9001 and is certified by JAS-ANZ. The quality policy of MANGAL INDUSTRY says that: "We at, MANGAL INDUSTRY are committed to achieve the customer satisfaction by producing products as per customers requirement. In order to become more successful as a business we strive to continually improve our quality management system."

For quality product realization, a strong quality focus is always kept in the mind. The input materials are sourced from renowned suppliers. Only virgin white metal is used for the critical lining of slide bearings. The precision machining processes are carried out by CNC machines. Devices and instruments of required accuracy & calibration, are available at each stage of manufacturing to ensure compliance to quality requirements.

Centrifugal Casting : Journal bearings manufactured by Mangal Industry are centrifugal cast from 60 mm bore to 1000 mm and maximum capacity of 1500 kg.

Test Specification
Unless otherwise specified, the following process/tests in addition to others shall be carried out in White metal Bearings.
  • Kerosene leakage test for Housing
  • Chemical Mechanical tests as applicable for Bush and Housing
  • Dehydrogenate for Bush
  • Ultrasonic tests to ISO 4386-1: For checking the Bond
  • DP test to 4386-3 : for Bush
  • Dimension check
Quality objectives
  • To aim at timely delivery.
  • To aim at zero defect in all operations of production process
  • No deviation shall be allowed/requested on agreed standards for D.P. Testing & Ultrasonic testing for white metal lining/bond.
  • To supply all products as per customer's requirements.
  • Maintain healthy working environment. Encourage employee suggestions and open discussions
  • Set targets for continual improvement in each process